Activity Based Learning

At KA Academy, we encourage our students to learn by doing. So that they can learn easily, for this we make each student teach other students on the board. This process is easy to learn. Students learn by teaching and repeating what their mates taught them.

Learning by Teaching: Student Teaching Other Students.

Student Teaching “My Family”

In this, one of the Students of KA Academy taught his friends “My Family”. It has 6 sentences, the student read one sentence and the mates repeat it after him.

This method is quite helpful in primary classes, to memorize sentences.

Nazira Quran

We at KA Academy, provide both Modern Education and Islamic Education. We want our students to Shine in both Worlds. The base of Islamic Teaching is Quran, we have expert Huffaz e Kiram to teach students the Quran with Tajweed. Here in this video you can see one student is reading in front of his teacher(Hafiz Sahab) and the other students are reciting the Holy Quran on their places. Purely Madrasa Atmosphere for Nazira Quran.

KA Academy provides both Modern Education and Modern Education to its students. It is located in Barkas near Chandaryangutta.

Students Reciting Holy Quran

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